My Apple Favorites Disappeared after I Updated




  • Roger Crowley

    Very furstrated with my recent purchase of iBird PRO. I have years of favorites, lists and photos on iBird PLUS that are gone and the new iBird PRO app doesn't have them either. I've tried the website instructions for syncing and even did MANUAL transfers without success. I've sent emails looking for help but being ignored. I did receive a generic response of things I've already tried without success.

    I'm very disappointed with iBird support and the functions of latest app. I'm especially disappointed after all the years of supporting and using your apps!

  • John Lanum

    We've been able to help all customers who have had issues transferring favorites and notes, so  I'm not sure why it has not worked for you. if it's not too late can you please try again to contact us and we will get our developer to help you? Refer to this comment from John in your ticket please. Note we are unable to transfer photos because we used a feature of Dropbox that they discontinued. We learned a valuable lesson about using 3rd party software in our products and its one of the reasons we switched to iCloud: Apple won't remove critical features.

    In some ways adding features like this to a reference guide is risky as they are not core to the features of the app. We created a new app called iBird Journal which is specifically for saving observations. Its about to be updated.

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