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Discontinued iBird Apps



  • Jrsmidt99

    I certainly do not understand how revenue from purchasing apps is distributed, and do not expect to have updates at zero cost, but I do expect some consideration for customers that have purchased multiple versions of your software over the years, and recommended it to quite a few people.  As I understand the latest emails, every user of Ultimate is now being treated as a new customer -- which seems unfair to say the least. 

    I fail to see why this is being blamed on Apple, and do not understand why a "code" could not be given to past users for a reduced price.  This is done by many suppliers and retailers every day, so why not apply it to this situation?


  • briyan

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  • Mark Wheeler
    It is very unfortunate that you are no longer supporting these applications. I loved using iBird Photo Sleuth to identify bird species as I often like to walk in the woods and photograph the birds I meet while walking. I hope now you can focus on current products and, for example, release, for example, an interactive mask for the Instagram camera that will have the same functionality as my favorite application. I saw other masks there, for example, which determined the names of the dishes that I photographed and noticed that such masks are usually laid out by accounts that have almost 59 thousand subscribers! I am sure the owners of such accounts often used the services of in order to wind up followers on Instagram.

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